Policy Statement

UK Home Learning College (UKHLC) aims to ensure a high quality service to all its students, staff and external clients.

Statement of Principles

UKHLC  will provide an environment which encourages lifelong learning and which:


  • setting standards of service that students can expect
  • placing the learners and staff interaction at the heart of the quality system, directly


  • focusing on improving the learning experience of students
  • regularly consulting users and staff in order to improve the quality of the service we provide
  • making available accurate and unbiased information
  • providing our users with full information about our performance

UKHLC  will ensure that all staff fully support student learning through:

  • being innovative, looking to improve the education, training and other services and facilities offered
  • having an annual process of review and evaluation that will produce an annual self-assessment report and quality improvement plan

UKHLC will work effectively with outside agencies to:


  • Regular reports are sent internally to the Director and externally to the awarding/inspecting bodies.
  • This Policy and is available to all the staff members through college’s intranet



Responsibilities and Duties