• At the point where the service is provided, or
  • By contacting the person in charge of the relevant area,
  • By raising the matter with the student representative on the appropriate College committee.
  • With their College Tutor.



Occasionally, students may wish to make a complaint about the services they receive. This document sets out the procedure for making a complaint to the College. The College recognizes that it has a duty to provide fair and objective procedures for examining and resolving complaints, and to ensure that its procedures are free from partiality arising from personal or institutional conflict of interest or other sources of bias. Having raised a complaint will disadvantage no student, but the College expects that students will not make perky, malicious complaints.


UKHLC is responsible for all the services it provides for students, and comments or complaints about these should follow the procedures outlined in this document. The College expects that complaints will normally be dealt with informally in the first instance. It should be possible to resolve most problems quite quickly in this way, avoiding stress and saving time. Students with a complaint should seek to bring it to the attention of the College, using the procedure outlined here, as soon as possible following the occurrence of a problem, and ideally within two weeks. Many complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively in this manner, without recourse to formal procedure. The College's procedures have been developed with this in mind. At the outset a student with a complaint to make will be invited to suggest the remedy they are seeking, without prejudice to the outcome.


Every attempt will be made to maintain the confidentiality of a complainant. However, where a complaint is of a personal nature against an individual, it is likely that the complainant's identity would have to be revealed at some stage in all but the most exceptional cases in order for there to be a fair investigation. For example, where a complaint is made against an individual, that person has the right to know who is complaining against them and what the nature of the complaint is. The College will endeavor to inform an individual complainant of the extent to which their identity is likely to be revealed at each stage of the procedure.



Students who experience a problem with any service provided by UKHLC or anything else within the control of the college can, under the informal procedure, raise the matter in a number of ways.

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