UK Home Learning College (UKHLC) values its employees and their expertise and understands the impact they have in contributing to its continued success is encouraged and supported at College to deliver outstanding T, L&A. It is to recognise that staff development can play a critical role in building the capability of the workforcepolicy applies to all staff. This applies to centrally coordinated courses, in house events, infill onto commercial courses or external attendance at events, e-learning, workshops, work shadowing and part time extended courses. The College will aim to support individuals through a variety of means within the prevailing budgetary provision and identified business need

Development activities which have no direct relevance to the individual’s role or objectives of the College are not within the remit of this policy

No member of staff will be treated less favorably when accessing development opportunities on the grounds of any protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act 2010



The main aim of the policy is to provide managers and staff with a framework that supports and encourages the CPD of all staff and

  • Managers are provided with the skills, knowledge and competencies they need to work in partnership with their staff to support their CPD
  • All staff are supported and encouraged to acquire and develop the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies to enhance their performance in their current role and, where they are involved in succession planning, for their next role within College
  • An appropriate balance is created between the desire for individual staff members to their potential and for the College to obtain a return on its investment in staff development
  • Staff develop the skills to respond effectively to internal and external demands
  • CPD is viewed and utilised as a development toolkit to help support and motivate staff in performance capability situations and All staff must adhere to professional updates and maintain memberships in line with the specialist role they undertake, where applicable. Teaching and training staff are encouraged to register with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and comply with the requirements of their membership.



Identification of training needs

CPD needs are identified in a number of ways:

The planning processes will retain flexibility for agreement of additional development needs as they become necessary