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  •  Other decisions based on College regulations.





  • A formal appeal should be made only after the student has exhausted informal means of resolving issues.
  •  Any student who wishes to make a formal appeal against a College’s decision should submit the appeal in writing within five working days of receiving notification of the decision; this should be sent to the Director.
  • The letter or email of appeal should include a statement that clearly states the decision, which is being appealed, the basis for the appeal, and the remedy the student is seeking. The letter or email of appeal may include new evidence to support the appeal for any personal circumstances that the student wishes to be considered.
  • The College will acknowledge the letter or email of appeal in writing, normally within three working days.
  • An appeal hearing will be held to give the student every opportunity to personally explain the basis of the appeal. The student will be given a minimum of two working days notice of the time and date of the appeal hearing.


  • The student may choose to be accompanied by a representative or friend at the appeal hearing. The College should be notified, in writing prior to the meeting of any person who will be accompanying an appellant.
  • The appeal will be considered by the Director, within five working days of receiving the letter or email of appeal. In circumstances whereby five working days is impractical, this period may be extended by the agreement of the College and the student.
  • Normally the decision of the appeals will be given to the student verbally and will be confirmed in writing within ten working days.
  • A written record of the appeal hearing will be kept in the College.

In the case where appeals are academic or examinational in nature, and are not resolved through Colleges formal appeal procedure, the case will be forwarded to the relavant awarding organisation. Different Awarding Organisations have their own appeal procedures which may apply. If students are unhappy with the response from the Awarding Organisation, the final route of escalation would be to the appropriate Qualification Regulator.