UK Home Learning College (UKHLC) is committed to ensuring that all students at the College may study in a risk and abuse free environment.   As part of its Health and Safety commitment, the College has recognised the necessity of formalising its stance in terms of safeguarding and who it considers to be a ‘vulnerable adult’

A broad definition of a vulnerable adult is:

“A person who is 18 years of age or above, and who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness, and who is or may be unable to take care of him/herself, or unable to protect him/herself against serious harm or serious exploitation.”

-Law commission – Who decides? Making Decisions on behalf of mentally incapacitated adults.  1997

Though not specifically encompassed by the above reference, due to the language limitations and difficulties faced by some students at the College  , all aspects of safeguarding will apply to students studying here.

The safeguarding policy carried out by the College will cover all students studying English as a foreign language and all students who may find themselves in situations of vulnerability due to being away from their home countries.


Forms of abuse:

·“Physical abuse         ,  including rape and sexual assault or sexual acts to which the vulnerable adult has not consented, or could not consent or was pressured into consenting;

·Psychological abuse         , including theft, fraud, exploitation, pressure in connection with wills, property or inheritance or financial transactions, or the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits;

·Neglect and acts of omission,         including racist, sexist, that based on a person’s disability, and other forms of harassment, slurs or similar treatment.”

-Dept. Of Health ‘No secrets: Guidance on developing and implementing multi-agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse’ 2000

All College staff and students are required to take shared responsibility for the safeguarding and safety of vulnerable adults on campus.  They must be aware of, and abide by the College’s policies and procedures in relation to Health & Safety, Student Welfare, Harassment and Bullying.

All UKHLCstaff are in a position of trust, in particular those staff who teach, support, guide or in any way interact with students, young people and vulnerable adults visiting the College.  As a result of this, the College has quality systems in place whereby, all employees must submit an enhanced CRB check.  The College will be run in a manner such that teaching and college activities are planned, organised and delivered in accordance with the Safeguarding policies.  All teaching staff will receive training and guidance in relation to safeguarding issues.  Furthermore, the College will conduct frequent Health and Safety risk assessments to ensure that policies and procedures are working as intended.

UKHLC will  employ a Student Welfare Officer at each of its campuses, to ensure that there are appropriate support services in place. The role of the Student Welfare Officer (in relation to safeguarding) is:


·To receive information about events that are planned in the College that may involve young people or vulnerable adults, and plans that indicate how safeguarding will be covered;

·To receive information from any staff, volunteers, children, parents or carers who have child safeguarding concerns and record it;

·Assess the information promptly and carefully, clarifying and obtaining more information about the matter as appropriate