Qualified Ltd T/A UK Home Learning College (UKHLC) is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK under the Data Protection Act 1998. This requires that there should always be a legitimate basis for the processing of personal data and that the processing and collection of data be accurate, fair and lawful. This represents the policy governing UKHLC’s data retention practices.

UKHLC collects and processes personal data to:

·Comply with UK Laws and Regulations

·Ensure the integrity of all academic practices and awards

·Maintain relevant personal contact details for all Staff & Students

·Inform the management processes of the College


This includes, and not exclusively:

·Personal data appertaining to Personal Identity, Country of Origin, Next of kin, Academic attainment and progress, Attendance patterns, Management issues and Physical capabilities.

·UKHLC  will amend and update inaccurate personal data on request, subject to validated information. This may involve verified documents where personal contact is not possible.

·UKHLC  retains personal data for statistical analysis and to help replace certificates, etc. upon request from candidates. All data is stored securely.

·UKHLC must also fulfil its obligation to provide personal information to Educational Authorities and Government Agencies.


Students’ personal data

UKHLC make sure that all its students are made aware that by attending and participating in courses and examinations they are consenting to their teachers, college or examination bodies, collecting, processing, disclosing and transferring their personal data.

Rights of access to personal data

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. UKHLC will respond to requests from individuals for information to which they are entitled within 40 days of receipt of written requests. Requests will only be considered from persons who can prove that they are/were:

·candidates, or

·written authorisation to act for candidates.